Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nine Predictions for the Arts in 2016

1) People will continue to use their digital devices during performances. Arts management will find a way to make it work for engagement, and artistic directors will see the benefits and stop whining about the 'preciousness' of the art.

2) Orchestra management and players will encourage clapping between movements. Signage in symphony halls will signal the new rule: “No Shushing."

3) Everyone will understand that they’ve been “creative placemaking” all along.

4) The economic impact benefits of the arts will be known by all and arts administrators will be able to eliminate the labor-intensive collection of that data for leaders who used to insist on seeing it.

5) Board members of old institutions will notice all the heads around the table that are bald or white, and all the pale skin. And they will feel itchy. Some will resign, making room for younger and more diverse trustees.
6) Event organizers will offer to pay artists a living wage for their contribution to entertainment and community. Asking artists to donate their work will be a thing of the past.

7) Traffic engineers will meet their artsy selves and support community-designed, creative crosswalks. The traffic slowing, public safety benefits of this arts-infused infrastructure will be universally acknowledged.

8) Co-created art made by citizen artists will be known as….ART. Donors and funders will start supporting artists and arts groups that meet community where it lives, bringing the art—music, dance, theater, paintings, sculpture—to the people, and sometimes—yes—even creating art with the people.

9) THIS.

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